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to determine who we are and who we want to be. >> as a federal judge upholds the nsa xfone collection records program exposed by edward snowden, new details emerge about a secretive nsa unit hacks into computers around the world. sometimes the nsa even intercepts computers purchased online in order to place spyware on them before the customer receives them. we will speak to journalists glenn greenwald and jameel jaffer of the aclu. >> there is a broader pattern here in which the courts are advocating their role under our constitutional system. they are supposed to be ensuring the government's national security policies are consistent with the constitution. instead, what is happening as many of these challenges are being thrown out at the threshold. >> despite long-term unemployment being at its highest level since world war ii, 1.3 million americans have just lost their unemployment benefits. we will look at why. all of that and more coming up. this is democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. opposition activists are claiming over 500 people have died in we
. first it was our e-mails and then our computers. now the nsa is building a new super computer, a firsthand you thought your online records were safe, thing again. this computer will be able to crack everything. >>> republican senator rand paul is now leading a class-action lawsuit against the obama administration for the nsa policies. he claims they violate the fourth amendment which protects people from unreasonable search and seizure and he says just about everybody is eligible to be part of the lawsuit. >> we now have several hundred thousand people who want to be part of this suit to say to the government and to the nsa, no, you can't have our records without our permission or without a warrant specific to an individual. so it's kind of an unusual class action suit in the sense that we think everybody in america who has a cell phone would be eligible for this class action suit. >> paul, who was considering running for president, has a page on his website for people to join the lawsuit, and it also asks for a $25 donation. >>> a judge said last week the nsa's program is con
>> hello, i'm richard g gizberg. now you know, how a special blue the whistle on the nsa. into the data banks of silicon valley giants, and the private communication he of millions of citizens around the world. by getting the story that glen greenwald got, snowden through carefully selected media outlets in germany france and brazil among many others. snowden has yet to come in from the cold. he's lying low in wintery moscow but according to the journalists involved, this story is far from resolved. there are more coming. our starting point, the adopted home of american journalist glen greenwald, rio de janeiro, brazil. >> i had been contacted in december 2012, by someone who didn't identify himself but had interested material he thought hiwould want to look at. so i said send me something. he sent me encrypted documents. i immediately knew this was one of the most important security leaks in history. i had been working on surveillance issues and suddenly in my lap had dropped some of the most potent instruments for shining a light on what they were doing, beyond your wil
in protecting your e mail might become a bit more challenging now that the nsa is racing to state three steps ahead of you. by building a quantum computer that's later in the shower. i am. yet scribe in january thirty five pm in washington dc and the mob has and your watching artsy only begin this hour with a closer look us drone program effectiveness and its future to estimates released by the pier on investigative journalism the long war journal lee and the new america foundation are shedding light on just how it stands at the unmanned aerial vehicle strikes have been since two thousand channel in all there been a total of four hundred sixty one strikes in pakistan yemen and somalia resulting in some three thousand five hundred twenty depths of the people killed four hundred fifty seven or oh eleven per cent were civilians. meanwhile the defense department released its annual report on the use of on an assist on this. the chorale down a road map through twenty thirty eight of how the lady program will continue to develop take a look at this church this is an inventory of the total number of
methods. leaked documents by former n.s.a. contractor edward snowden unveiled a widespread vacuuming of voice and data communications. in june of senator feinstein 2013, said the u.s. has to look for ways to get intelligence that is operable and ways that can prevent plots against americans. >> first of all, i really think that protecting the nation is important. secondly, protecting the nation within the principles of this great democracy and this great constitution is also important. now, the metadata is not constitutionally guaranteed to be first amendment material. the supreme court has passed on that. but having said that, we have got to examine ways to be able to get data, to get intelligence that is operable and that can prevent plots from hatching and americans from being killed. that is the goal. now if we can do it in another way, we are looking to do it in another way. we would like to. if we can't, we can't. >> could you say that this program has thwarted some specific attacks? >> well, it has. but that is classified. we discussed it in there. i gather there is -- i have
nsa, that's national security agency, contractor who seven monthsing a leaked reames of information about nsa's surveillance programs to the press, and by proxy to the world. mr. snowden fled the u.s., first to hong kong, then to moscow where he has temporary asylum. the u.s. government has charged mr. snowden with espionage and theft. this past thursday the new york times described mr. snowden as a whistleblower, not a criminal. "considering the enormous value of information he has revealed mr. snowden deserves better than a life of permanent exile fear and flight. he may have committed a crime to do so but he has done his country a great service. it is time for the united states to offer mr. snowden a plea bargain or some form of clemency that would allow limb to return home. they would at least substantially reduce punishment in light of his role as a whistleblower and a life advocating for greater privacy and far stronger oversight of the intelligence community. the new york times takes the nsa to task with details of its abuses and shaky legal reasoning and concludes "when some
phone at risk? a new report says the nsa may have accessed almost everything on the device including your voice mail, e-mail and perhaps even your location. >>> hello, i'm jim accost ta in washington. wolf blitzer is off today. the obama administration confirms more than 2 million people have now enrolled in health care coverage under obamacare. that includes people who have signed up through the federal marketplace and the state-run exchanges. coverage begins tomorrow for people who enrolled by the december deadline. march 31st marks the deadline for individuals to purchase insurance or face a penalty. the surge in enrollment follows a disastrous rollout of the website in october. meanwhile, we're knocking on 2014's door. with the new year comes new technology. you might see it at an airport near you. we're talking about robots that could end up replacing humans. tsa agents who check your boarding pass. of course, that begs the question, who is better at flagging at risk or risky passengers? such as terrorists? potential terrorists, man or machine? some airports are already experimenting with
. >>> and the nsa, man, oh, man, it's been a major contentious issue for americans and the obama administration. and those issues keep growing. our political panel will weigh in, coming up. >>> and the president, yes, back from his hawaiian sunshine already facing somewhat of a cloudy storm of political controversy. obamacare has kicked in. day five now. we'll have the latest on how it's going, coming up. >>> it's not just that the president tells people that they have to buy health insurance. it's that he tells them what health insurance they have to buy. the idea that the government knows better than the american people, what kind of insurance they have to have, makes no sense. .it's something which i think the american people are rejecting in large numbers and i think it's going to hurt the president and hurt the country and a lot of families. [ sneezes, coughs ] i'veot a big date, but my sinuses are acting up. it's te for advil cold and sinus. [ male announcer ] truth is twon't relieve all your symptoms. new alka seltzer plus-d relieves more symptoms than any other behind the counter liquid
. >>> breaking down the code used to keep information private. the new effort by the nsa and why some are worried it could work a little too well. >> new allegations against facebook. what users are saying about claims the website is making money off your messages. >> and getting ready for teeth chattering, finger numbing cold. what fans to expect when they take on the niners take on the packers at chilly lambeau field. >> it's going to be 3 degrees at green bay. out here, we have a heat wave by comparison. the numbers in the 40s right now and from there, maybe a record setting weekend. stay tuned. we'll have the forecast after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, powerful new computer that n break down the codes used to keep data secret. as brian todd >>> the nsa is reportedly developing a powerful new computer that can break down the codes used to keep data secret. as brian explains, it could help target criminals, but could also raise some privacy concerns. >> incorruption, those scrambled codes online. shield the most top secret crucial data that governments possess from hackers and cyber spies. no
that snowden unleashed massive amounts of information regarding the nsa is controversial surveillance programs. all with the hope of initiating a very important debate in this country. rt political commentators and zack's takes a look back on the year of snowdon. june fifth a bombshell report the gardens glenn greenwald has secret documents revealing of the nsa is clicking the phone records of millions of verizon customers. today's liturgy and seven the washington post martin jol been working with filmmaker more portraits. it follows up with another cute story. three top secret program known as president the us is also deeply into the internet data repositories at major tech companies in a scissor billing both our telephone and internet communications on a scale unimaginable before this directly contradicts the claim eight months earlier under oath by the director of national intelligence. james clap or does the nsa collecting any type of data at all. and millions or hundreds of millions of americans. no storm. two days later and you know i'm a former nsa contractor edwards noted comes forward
moments to ago. nsa released a statement saying that it is reviewing senator bernie sanders letter to insure that congress will have new information about the spy agency programs. there is new fallout in the spying scandal. senator rand paul revealed plans to sue the obama administration for the controversial nsa methods. it is not only republicans demanding questions. peter doosy has more from washington. >> reporter: harris, if you have a cell phone septemberor rand paul said you should be able to join the lawsuit. they are putting together a experienced legal team including the former virginia senator and gain class action status in his bid to prevent the nsa bulk data collection. >> the government should only look at visa and phone bill if they have a warrant specific to you and say that you have committed a crime. >> reporter: bernie sanders has tough questions for nsa keith a leshgsander. the nsa currently spying on members of congress or other american elected officials? these congressional calls for clarity and privacy are coming a head of president obama's announcement o
it is the an essay or the like, that the nsa or the is the nsa orr it the like, it goes back to basics. it gives you a primer for all the key questions from how does thism work to how can we do it? we are emphasizing what everyone needs to know. as long as we have the internet and we are using it we will have issues of cybersecurity and cyber war. thet seems to me 2013 was year of the leak in terms of cybersecurity. i don't know if you heard but there was a contractor who got his hands on some documents. 2014 -- where do you see tony 14? see 2014?o you >> it is going to be like the past, but more so. one of the interesting things about 2013 was it was the first year that no major person in the policy world gave a speech that amounted to -- the problem with the internet is it was built without a security and line. -- a security in line. want to move from an area where cybersecurity is something that is seen as unique wholeparate and cut out a new cloth into an issue that is integrated into everything. a manager cannot just say, i will call my cyber guy. one thing we expect to see is boards of directo
recently told a european committee that the nsa is working to eliminate privacy worldwide. the european parliament's committee on civil liberties justice and home affairs has been focused on national security and privacy issues. on the allegations of spying and surveillance of european citizens private data. this is about one hour. >> hello? we don't seem to have a connection. can you every? >> hi, how are you? we can hear each other now. good. >> mr. greenwald, welcome to the session of the committee of inquiry of the european parliament. we have about an hour for this session, and i'm first going to invite you to do your presentation and then afterwards we will take questions and answers. so very pleased to have you with us here today. i'll give you the floor, or the video link rather. the floor is yours. >> good afternoon, and thank you to the committee for convening this inquiry and for inviting me to speak to you as well. there has been a virtual avalanche of stories and reports over the last six months regarding espionage and electronic surveillance by the nsa and its partners, an
at edwards noted, the man who broke the nsa spy scandal that dominated the in 2013. >> first, this news in brief. >> the apprentice runner-up says he's sending reinforcements to the anbar province after fighting killed more than a dozen people there. that reverses a previous decision to withdraw troops and hand over security operations to local police. it isn't the majority sunni and many residents feel marginalized by the shia led government. >> there's a new mayor for the first time in a zÜrich. -- in new york city. bill de blasio is the first democrat to occupy city hall at nearly two decades. he takes over from billionaire is this man, michael bloomberg. >> about 900 campers have fled a large bushfire that has rooted out a popular vacation spot in australia. the lays is burning out of control about 50 kilometers from australia's third-largest city, brisbane. the nsa scandal was big news in 2013 and at the beginning of the new year, the story is not going away. >> it has taken a new and disconcerting twist as well trade tech giant apple has denied it helped u.s. spy agencies hack in
retailers and how to hide from the nsa. b "usa today" and fortune,ok this week onçó k and fortune,ok tipthis televisi about gathering the smartest in technology@ñátogether. some predictions. is the biggest story of 2014 going to bee1 robots?xd google seems to be headed that way. or will it continue to be one of 2013'sq biggestlp trends, theÑi sharing economy? companies like uber. or is thiq] the year thejf bubb once again bursts? this assuming of course we are in a bubble in the first place. recently with the altimeter group. he'sxd formed his ownee1 compan called crowd companies and he'll do some predictions forxdw3oke1. normally you charge a lot of yo js,$ @(t&háhp &hc& >> i'm happy÷d to share. >> so give me a couple. i mean what's th]á thing i'm looking for in 2014? >> one of the bringing trends to track is that uber is actually 3 contender to compete with amazon. uber is heavily backedxdokÑi by google. that is one of them. two, corporations are moving into theÑi collaborative economc sharing and maker movement about that and wee1 might seezv a ho chain with their own
, they have been looking into your data, but what if the nsa got o supercomputer? we are hearing reports they could be close. that also, just ahead. >>> he inspired so many musicians, phil everily died at a california hospital. ♪ wake up little suzy, wake up ♪ >> that's phil there on the left and his brother don. they recorded more than 35 hits including that one, "bye bye love" kathy's clown. phil was 74 years old. >>> high speeds played a huge role in paul walker's films. now an autopsy confirmed triple digit speeds played a part in his death. we have the final moments of walker and his friend who drove the car they both died in. >> reporter: millions of fans of paul walker's movie series were shocked when a real-life car crash killed the actor. the coroner's autopsy report shows his death was gruesome and swift. he was a passenger in an ultrahigh performance car drichb by his friend. the autopsy states the driver was driving a red porsche at an unsafe speed, 100 plus-mile-per-hour. >> when they passed us, there were no other cars around them. >> reporter: the driver lost control,
of the president's agenda is a new legal battle now over the nsa spying program. last night, senator rand paul revealing he is in the process of collecting, he says, signatures for a massive class action lawsuit against the obama administration. peter doocy has more from washington. >> if you've got a cell phone, senator rand paul thinks you're eligible to join his new lawsuit against the obama administration. the republican from kentucky is putting together an experienced legal team that includes former virginia attorney general ken cuccinelli and is hoping to eventually gain class action status in his bid to prevent the nsa's bulk data collection. >> the government should only look at your visa bill or your phone bill if they have a warrant that is specific to you and says that they think that you have committed a crime. furthermore, bernie sanders has tough questions for the nsa chief, keith alexander, writing him, quote, is the nsa currently spying on members of congress or other american elected officials? these congressional calls for clarity and privacy are coming just ahead of presiden
leaking details on how the nsa collects data on nearly all americans. congress is back in action after the break. but will 2014 be more productive? >> reporter: the president's vacation is over. he faces the reality of congress. >> get ready for possible de ja vu. >> i wish i had a magic wand to say i know things will be better. >> right off the bat an easy one for the senate. >> but next a real battle over long-term unemployment benefits. both sides arguing sunday. before vacation was over president obama pressed this weekend to extenld the payments. >> with regard to unemployment insurance, i'm not opposed to it. i'm opposed to having it without paying for it. we have never offset emergency spending. we have people that are desperate. they have been out of work for a much as two years. >> a major deadline to fund the government. >> it needs to be finalized. >> as early as february, a deadline to raise the debt ceiling again with both sides dug in. >> i think it will be harmful if republicans use 2014 to threaten default again on the debt limit. >> it can't be my way or the highway on
. it's a different day today. >> first it was our e-mails and then our computers. now, the nsa is building a new super computer. if you thought your online records were safe, think again. [ male announcer ] this is the story of the dusty basement at 1406 35th street the old dining table at 25th and hoffman. ...and the little room above the strip mall off roble avenue. ♪ this magic moment it is the story of where every great idea begins. and of those who believed they had the power to do more. dell is honored to be part of some of the world's great stories. that began much the same way ours did. in a little dorm room -- 2713. ♪ this magic moment ♪ >> the air kraft appears to be arrivinining from tucson, arizo. they don't know how many people are on bord that plane. a horrible plane crash here. so sad, a horrible plane krashl we just saw happen at the aspen air port, end quote. >> joining me now on the phone, mr. burketta, tell us whand as far as you know? >> good afternoon. short shortly later this afternoon, overturned onto its top and caught fire. we do know that there w
for a massive class action lawsuit over the nsa issue in the country. >> paris, if you have a cell phone, then senator rand paul thinks you're eligible for the later. former attorney general ken cuccinelli is hoping to eventually gain class action status in his bid to prevent the nsa's data collection. >> the government should only look at your visa bill or phone bill if they think it is specific to you or that you have committed a crime. >> further, attorney barry sanders has questions for the office. has the nsa or anyone else spied on the american elected officials. these calls for this issue come just ahead of president obama's possible reforms to the way the nsa does business. >> i'm going to make a pretty definitive statement in january, where i'll be able to say here are the recommendations that we think make sense. here are ones we think are promising but still need to be refined further. >> but the obama administration is still fighting to keep collecting americans' phone records. on friday, the court said they can continue the data collection, and on friday, they appealed the j
are going to a short break. when we come back, you will find >> welcome back. >> after learning the nsa is spying on millions of everyday people around the world as well as government leaders, a new revelation. >> the u.s. spy agency is developing a quantum computer, capable of aching any ash encryption code. "the washington post" says the spy agency is hoping to develop a computer that could break any code around the world and could also be used to tap into private banking and medical records. the news organization cites a document provided by former nsa agent edward snowden. to find out where this is all going, we are joined in the studio by our technology expert. what makes this quantum computer so much more powerful than other computers? >> the underlying principle is quite different. a regular computer, as we know it, processes information bit i bit -- bit by bit, which has data of one or zero or no. quantum computers use qubits, which can have oath states at the same time -- both states at the same time. it would say yes and no because it is thinking about something else already.
of voice and data communications. senator feinstein spoke with reporters following a briefing of the n.s.a.'s collection of verizon phone records. they said they have to find ways that can prevent plots against americans. >> first of all, i really think that protecting the nation is important. secondly, protecting the nation within the principles of this great democracy and this great constitution is also important. now, the metadata is not constitutionally guaranteed to be first amendment material. the supreme court has passed on that. but having said that, we have got to examine ways to be able to get data, to get intelligence that is operable and that can prevent plots from hatching and americans from being killed. that is the goal. now if we can do it in another way, we are looking to do it in another way. we would like to. if we can't, we can't. >> could you say that this program has thwarted some specific attacks? >> well, it has. but that is classified. we discussed it in there. i gather there is -- i have to -- there is a report on hat. i'm going to look at that report. >> senator, wa
on the list. only 22 people at n.s.a. are authorized to provide numbers, to approve numbers and about 30 are authorized to look into that database and that is it. when you look at the number of people that we have and the oversight and compliance that we have on this program, and what it does to protect our civil liberties and privacy, we couldn't think of a better way to do that. let me give you some thoughts here because i think this is important for our country to think about this. if you look at the trends in the c.t. arena, in 2012 it was the highest globally that has been ever. over 15,000 people killed. in just this last month, 2,336 people were killed. 1,510 injured in pakistan, afghanistan, syria, iraq and nigeria and yet there has not been a mass casualty here in the u.s. since 2001. that is not by luck. they didn't stop hating us. they didn't say that they were going to just forgive this. they continue to try. it is the great members in the intelligence community, our military, our law enforcement that have stood up and said this is our job and we do it with our partners and o
action lawsuit against the obama administration. over the nsa spying program. peter doocey has details in washington. >> okay, we'll get to that. >> we will get back to that in just a moment. >> meanwhile, we're going to talk about secretary of state john kerry, and he is saying israelis and palestinians are committed to settling their differences. now, this is after the secretary had a meeting with palestinian president mahmoud abbas. >> we are working with great intensity. with serious purpose. with a commitment to trying to resolve this conflict that has gone on for many years too long, and which i think presents us now with the possibility of trying to find a framework agreement. >> and mr. kerry also meeting with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu today, urging both sides to reach a peace deal establishing a palestinian state alongside israel. this is the secretary's tenth trip to the region for mideast peace negotiations. >> also in the middle east right now, the state department is keeping a close eye on the deteriorating security situation in iraq following a stunning vi
coast. >>> plus, calls for mercy. two prominent newspapers demand nsa leaker edward snowden be allowed to return to the united states. >>> and wrongful death lawsuit. an nfl player murders his girlfriend, then kills himself. why his mother is blaming the team for it all. wolf blitzer is off today. i'm jim acosta. you're in "the situation room." >>> well, if you live in the northeast, you're about to get hit very hard. a monster storm threatening nearly 100 million people across 22 states is barreling towards the region right now with some of the fiercest conditions only hours away. cape cod and long island are facing blizzard warnings where winds are already gusting up to 40 miles per hour while new york city and boston could see as much as a foot of snow each. cnn has team coverage across the region but we begin with our frederick pleitgen in boston where conditions are so bad, the airport is about to stop all flights. what can you tell us? >> reporter: yeah, we are feeling the conditions getting worse really by the hour. right now, the snow is getting a lot heavier. also, we're feeli
-mails, even spying on some world leaders, but is congress also a target of nsa surveillance? one of the lawmakers demanding answers. i'll speak with senator bernie sanders about his letter to the nsa in a moment. but first our chief national security correspondent jim sciutto is here with more. >> reporter: he's said to give a speech and he's reviewing these 46 recommendations from the intelligence panel. from the indications we're getting from the changes that the administration has signaled its openness to, you get a sense of substantive but not necessarily radical reform of the mass surveillance program. with a presidential speech planned this month, the administration is preparing a series of reforms to put the nsa under tighter control. one possible reform would put a public advocate on the secret intelligence court known as the fisa court where now judges only hear from government lawyers. another would move telephone met tadata from government hands back to the private sector. a congressional source tells cnn one additional prospect would be for the fisa court located insi
is worth doing. that was so interesting about the nsa commission report which the president is saying is time to draw a different line. we can do more things than we should be comfortable with. >> how can we draw different lines when people who are exercised enthusiasts wear a fitbit. >> i'm wearing one right now. >> garrett: all health data can be scored. we do that for convenience. we do it for commerce. we do it for health. yet it's all getting in to this vast array of data of all of us, are we surrendering happily since we didn't think we would ever surrender maybe 10 or 15 years ago. >> i am wearing a fitbit which is keeping track of how many steps i take, we'll see lot more of these wearable devise, some may track your heart rate, blood pressure, all kinds of things. the question comes, who can access that data. i think with all of this, the law is going to have to keep up. and so we need bigger discussions, vigorous debates i think about who can access the data. there was a reason when all these tech companies met with president obama recently and really what they wanted to ta
the games can be shown on local television. the n.s.a. may be developing the ultimate pool to break encryption codes. they are looking at building a surpe computer that works at high speeds. documents provided to the post by snowden, the n.s.a. leaker showed that the n.s.a. is spending $80 million on this program. i bring in the president of the research company used to protect data. what do you think about this supercomputer. break all kinds of encryptions anywhere? >> we don't know it can be built. but if someone managed to build one, it would have huge implications. >> do you think something like this could already exist? >> unlikely. the number of break-thruse to build a quantum computer would be hard to fathom. kind of at the point where -- figured the math by hand and build micro chips to get the skill to go from where we are now to where we need to be. >> without getting too far into the wees, what is it about a quantum computer that can crack encryption? how does the technology work? >> you do many, many encryptions to do the right answer. instead of running each input separ
economics. >> what do we have coming up for you? the race to create an nsa-proof phone. wanting toysicists supply alter secure devices for the german government. ♪ >> edward snowden has been bad for relations between the u.s. and germany. good for some german businesses. hans nichols now takes a look at two tech companies that may profit as they vie to produce the next secure smartphone. >> before snowden's bombshells, two phones were competing for just one customer, the german government. angela merkel and the ministers whot text her. about the nsa listening in, the two companies are receiving a surge in demand for what might be this year's davos status symbol, a secure smartphone. onwe have always been secure confidentiality. we think that what we are offering now should be attractive to them. code towrite lines of virtualize the android operating system. euros.ce, 1700 is inserted next to the sim card. you can toggle back-and-forth between the secure code and the public one. >> this is all black-and-white. it must be in this compartment. if you switch to the light see it ist, you will
his class action suit to stop the nsa from collecting phone records. and another senator bernie sanders of vermont recently asked the nsa point-blank are you spying on members of congress? sun li, the nsa is attracting a lot of unwanted attention. what has been the reaction from them? >> well, first and foremost, martin, senator bernie sanders the independent from vermont, he's been outspoken in the past on this issue, but in a letter on friday he really does get personal. he calls the data collection by the nsa, quote, spying and he asked specifically of the nsa, quote, has the nsa spied or is the nsa currently spying on members of congress or other american elect the officials? now, today the senator got a response from the nsa, sort of, the spokesperson for the nsa wrote back, basically not saying yes or no, saying that members of congress, well, they're just like everyone else. here's what they said -- nsa's authority to collect signal intelligence data include procedures that protect the privacy of u.s. persons. such protections are built into and cut across the entire proc
'easter. >>> plus, pleas for clemency. what does nsa leaker edward snowden think about the growing support for his return to the united states? his legal advisor is here to respond. >>> and hitting the slopes. russian president vladimir putin hits the slopes hoping to convince the world the winter olympics will be safe. wolf blitzer is off today. i'm jim acosta. you're in "the situation room." >>> first, a massive nor'easter now a dangerous arctic blast is piercing the northeast as much of the region struggles to dig out from up to two feet of snow, bone-chilling temperatures are setting in. tonight, it's expected to get down near zero in new york's central park and below zero in boston, but it doesn't stop there. parts of the midwest could see some of their coldest temperatures in 15 to 20 years, where highs by monday will likely be in the negative, yes, negative double digits. cnn has team coverage of this story, including the bitter forecast, but first, let's get to our frederick pleitgen in boston, where the focus is shifting from the snow to this deep freeze. what can you tell us? >> reporter
internal nsa documents that detail the agent's elite hacking unit known as tailored access operations or t.a.o. tasked with the mission of getting the ungettable. and sometimes did that by physically intercepting packages with nsa bugs and electronics. the der spiegel report continues with james bond-like gadgets including cables that can record strokes and strips that can send information back to the nsa. the tao has gathered some of the most significant intelligence our country has ever seen. >>> the reported source of those documents is nsa leaker edward snowden. and some members of congress say they aren't impressed with his recent publicity blitz. >> you know, he has kindled an important public debate. but, frankly, i think it came from a mixture of motivations on his part. and i think he should have stayed in the united states and been willing to stand up for his beliefs if that's what motivated him. >> he stole american classified documents that because of their release jeopardizes our troops in places like afghanistan. and has allowed nation states, russia, china and others to allo
phone that is owned by millions. >> imagine your iphone, a tool for the nsa. using a software program implanted in the phone, they can control it remotely to steal messages, harvest contact informs and secretly record audio. tech analyst, rob enderly. >> they placed an application inside the iphone during its assembly and configuration and that program allowed them to access the phone. >> it did not cooperate with the nsa and had no idea the surveillance program existed, reportedly as far back as 2008. a cyber security researcher exposed the program in a german news magazine and the iphone is an easy target for nsa hackers because apple mountains consistency in its products. >> really don't change it very much. over time, that allowed an application to stay in place and function much longer than it would some place else. >> it would continue to defend its customers from hackers no matter who they are. shorn chin, kpix5. >> now tech experts say apple would have to devise a patch to prevent iphones from being used from surveillance. until then, there's nothing you can do. the discl
thousand people who want to be part of the suit to say to the government and the nsa, no, you can't have our records without our permission or a warrant specific to an individual. it's an unusual suit. we think everybody in america who has a cell phone would be eligible for the class action suit. if your viewers have a cell phone they have to go to my facebook and sign up to be with part of the lawsuit. we want to overwhelm the government and show publically that hundreds of thousands of people don't -- we object to the government looking at our records without our permission. >> one of the lead lawyers is ken cuccinelli? >> the former attorney general for virginia. the first attorney general to file a lawsuit against obamacare. he's joined our legal team. he has constitutional expertise. we are hoping with his help we can get a hearing in court and ultimately get this class action lawsuit. i think the first of its kind on a constitutional question to take it all the way to the supreme court. >> senator, what do you want the outcome from this lawsuit to be? what do you want the administr
's massive class action lawsuit against the white house over the nsa spying program. >> plus, assessing the situation in sochi. what russian authorities are now doing to try to keep our winter olympics safe, following last month's back-to-back terror attacks. >>> and predicting the state of the economy in 2014. coming up, we will take a look at how things on main street and wall street are expected to shape up in the year ahead. >>> we begin with this fox news extreme weather alert. there's a huge chill for the record books this time. a deep freeze of historic proportions now sweeping from the midwest all the way to the northeast. forecasters warning some of the low temperatures they're seeing haven't been seen in decades. even places that are used to bone chilling cold aren't taking any chances. for example in minnesota, the governor preemptively closing all the public schools on monday, where the temperature in minneapolis is supposed to hit, are you ready for this, a high of minus 14. brian is live in central park where it's pretty darn cold there too, here in new york. that minus de
policies in europe the nsa surveillance drones in america and a wide range of concerns like freedom of press and the most of the simplest thing in taking the kids who tend to disagree and i'm desperate to be heard when they go through the usual channels of electoral democracy. they just have a feeling that the governments are representing their interests so they feel they have no alternative but to take to the streets and express themselves in a way that the governments cannot ignore them. kevin has happened to you. the second from the new the rankings seem to care the clean up your feet and wake up and cheer. protests from different continents and in different countries these here clashes between protesters and authorities the greatest fear the government pass is that people will feel protest is fashionable to the people will feel that democracy is fashionable. some decide to use them to protect themselves from these priests to come true. just need to consist mostly of the signs of leaving jail sentence needs to demonstrate to the disappointing end to the violent protests. jess it
group of protesters. two to include tax needs to raise the spirits and policies in europe the nsa surveillance drones in america and a wide range of concerns like freedom of press and the most of this posting in ten key these tend to disagree and i'm desperate to be heard when they go through the usual channels of electoral democracy. they just have a feeling that the governments are representing their interests so they feel they have no alternative but to take to the streets and express themselves in a way that the governments cannot ignore them. the difference in north bay is set to form the new the rankings since it yet the puppy that he can wake up groups we have. the protests come from different continents and in different countries. the skiing and ethnic clashes between protesters and authorities the greatest fear that government happens is that people will feel protest is fashionable to the people will feel that democracy is fashionable. some decide to use them to protect themselves from these priests to come true. just need to consist mostly of the signs reading jail sente
technology companies say they don't want any further surveillance by the nsa. this is a crazy country right now and we have technology companies telling us to quit and that the national seurity agency will quit spying, which is what they have been doing and mining data for years without anyone's permission. talk to facebook. talk to google. and it's a brand-new way of doing e-mail. i hear these guys are going to do a kick start process and they are doing something where it never sits on a server, it's constantly moving and that is going to be amazing. so these issues inspire us. >> go ahead. it's a lightning rod. >> good for the nsa. they get around a lot and i and along with all the others unless there was a reason. you shouldn't expect privacy on facebook and twitter. people are going t give the nsa kudos. it's like they've said that they shouldn't been spying on the flight ademy. saying that these guys are not learning how to land the plane correctly. >> i'm still trying to understand how they can take executives from a technology companies, talking about personal privacy and security in
phone during its assembly and configuration. >> the nsa using iphones to do its spying. the program that might be giving the government total access to the smartphone. have given us a couple of gd photos of a bank robber. t'e searching for this man. he was wearing a black baseball cap and hooded sweatshirt >>> gilroy police have given us photos of a bank robbery. they are searching for this man wearing a black baseball cap, hooded sweatshirt when he robbed a union bank in gilroy yesterday afternoon. he handed a note to the teller demanding money. he is described as a white man in his mid-20s. >>> a nasty strain of the flu has returned to california and elsewhere in the country. as kpix 5's betty yu reports, the people most at risk are the ones you would least expect. >>> reporter: the number of patients showing up at bay area hospitals including this kaiser permanente in san jose with flu- like symptoms has jumped in just the last week. and most of them are suffering from the swine flu. the nasty virus known as swine flu outbreak h1n1 is making a comeback. the same swine flu strain is making u
and sam sexton you're watching art it but we begin with breaking news about the nsa spy agency hope the links would stop in twenty fourteen. the ochre on to the washington post is reporting on the nsa efforts to build a supercomputer for what they refer to as a crypto logically useful quantum computer capable of breaking any sort of encryption on the internet documents provided by edward started revealing the project is part of the nearly eighty million dollar research program called penetrating a part of targets. civilian computer labs have long been working in the field of quantum computing cutting edge science require large shielded rooms known as spared ak his great supercomputers. the far more capabilities than classical computers. we all used to that. despite the amount of money and attention devoted to their quantum computer project appears the nsa is no further along in research that then top civilian louts but experts believe a fully functional quantum computer could be built within ten years. the code breaking capabilities that could render all forms of online encryption u
and the n.s.a. has dogged hum. his numbers went down 11 points for a reason and the n.s.a. surveillance is a big reason why. the president is defending it. we'll see more of it in the courts in twourlt. and then if the president wants to shore up his legacy, 2014 is when you want to make sure you're holding your senate seats, what you're helping democrats, whether you are overtly standing next to them or far, far away from them. democrats are looking to see how much he will be a help, as amy was pointing out, or a fundraiser. john: when you think about the intersection of management and elections, getting the health care exchanges running in a successful way, that's got to be huge. >> that is and making the case for the health care exchange. it's not just about the website. once the website is fixed, whichst -- it looks like it's on the path. there are still many issues that need to be resolved. john: some people are like this is so expensive and whatnot. you can look at the democrats in the senate who are worried about this. they're looking to do something to sort of slow obamacare. >>
congressman who is afraid that security threats are being swept under the rug. >>> plus, nsa hackers revealed. new revelations about an elite spy team that even plants bugs in computers before they are shipped to your door. >>> and the nfl's black monday. we will take you inside the mass firing of pro football coaches and why they were sacked. wolf blitzer is off. i'm jim acosta. you're in "the situation room." >>> a long-running battle between republicans in the white house is reigniting over the deadly attack on the u.s. diplomatic mission in benghazi, libya. some top gop lawmakers are challenging a new report that undercuts their claims about the attack and allegations of a cover-up by the administration. our foreign affairs correspondent jill dougherty is here. we are hearing angry push-back against this "new york times" report that really started as soon as that report came out. >> it did. you know, it's the same repeat of the same debate that's been going on for more than a year over al qaeda and that anti-muslim video. top republican lawmakers insist al qaeda was behind the benghazi at
. >>> plus, the nsa is working on a super computer that could crack any encryption, meaning there's nothing you could to protect your information online. we'll explain next. welcome back. how is everything? there's nothing like being your own boss! and my customers are really liking your flat rate shipping. fedex one rate. really makes my life easier. maybe a promotion is in order. good news. i got a new title. and a raise? management couldn't make that happen. [ male announcer ] introducing fedex one rate. simple, flat rate shipping with the reliability of fedex. >>> live look at the u.s. capitol, temperature in d.c. 33 degrees. >>> republican senator rand paul has announced a class action lawsuit aimed at stopping nsa surveillance of cell phone use by americans. he said the goal is to uphold the fourth amendment right against unreasonable searches and seizures. he said the data collection program is so widespread and indiscriminate nearly everyone in the country could be affected. >> we now have several hundred thousand people who want to be part of this suit to say to the government and
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